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Why film in Jordan

•    Jordan offers a one-stop, easy access to services: The Royal Film Commission is a well structured organization, which has an experienced team of enthusiastic, dedicated and efficient and makes life easier for you that offer full to support.

•    Jordan is renowned throughout the world for its highly qualified, talented, creative, outstanding workforce.

•    Its remarkably diverse landscape and scenery make it possible to shoot films in a variety of settings: urban or pastoral, modern or historical, North American, Middle Easterner, etc.

•    Jordan’s infrastructure and state-of-the-art resources make it possible to produce all kinds of incredible films and TV shows.

•    People of Jordan are warm, welcoming and respectful of the need for quiet on the set.

•    Grand archeological sites offer sweeping architecture, antique and Arabian furnishings, and historic markets and streets are available as well beachfront locations on the Red Sea.

•    It’s already a favorite destination for world famous talent including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Sting and many other worldwide celebrities.

•    The climate is such it offers consistently good weather and great light. Jordan is simply a fantastic place to experience and film in every level.

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