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Health & Safety Guidelines

The Film and Television Industry is a unique business. Also presents unique and unusual occupational health and safety hazards to its workers. Ark Motions develop methods for identifying potential hazards in our work environment, in order to increase our productivity and to protect those workers in the film and television industry.

The following guidelines are intended for Ark Motions to assist film and television productions in complying with their legislated responsibility to take every precaution reasonable to protect local and international crews.


•    If a third party wishes to carry out, builds or any set alterations, they must inform Ark Motions management prior to start any work. They will be responsible for compliance with laws and regulations by notification to Health and Safety executive where necessary for any work.

•    All contractors used by Ark Motions will be carefully selected based on their competence to carry out the work. The Contractor must provide relevant risk assessments and where appropriate, method statements for the job.

•    Any incident of a spill, injury or ill-health resulting from exposure to hazardous substances will be reported to Ark Motions crew to appropriate and timely action to been taken to prevent a reoccurrence.


•    Ensure a direct communication between Ark Motions and the Producer(s) when stunts are performed.

•    Prior to the performance of any stunt and/or dangerous work situations the Production Manager or the assistant director shall give written notification to all personnel on set.

•    The Call Sheet shall be used when explosive or pyrotechnical effects will be performed.

•    Before any explosive or potentially hazardous sequence to be performed, a meeting should be called for all personnel involved with one of the member of Ark Motions.
•    The Health & Safety Representative (Paramedics, Army, Police and fire department) should be also involved in all health and safety meetings also in any explosive or pyrotechnical sequence to take the appropriate action in no time.

Special or visual effects involving explosives or pyrotechnics

Any explosives or pyrotechnics used for any film and TV production will be under the approval and supervision of the Jordanian armed forces and security.

Precautionary actions:

•    Determination of safe distances
•    Controls against flash or radiated heat
•    Effective noise, blast and debris control plan
•    Control of toxic effects and cueing arrangements
•    Personal protective equipment
•    Emergency plan arrangements for dealing with special effects that do not go according to plan
•    A hazardous risk plan should be implemented to crew, stunt co-coordinators and artists.
•    All parties should ensure that adequate information is exchanged.
•    Barricades should be placed to avoid any risks to the public.

Gasoline operated equipments and hazardous substances.

Ark Motions Management is committed to apply the legislative requirements and will put relevant control measures regard to hazardous or toxic substances. Compliance also works to ensure protective measures as reasonably possible, protection of employees and third parties health and safety from any substances, e.g. dust, gases, vapors’, flames etc. that they may be exposed during their work.

•    A register of all hazardous substances used will be kept, with appropriate safety data sheets and risk assessments for their use.
•    "No Smoking" signs shall be posted in all areas of the premises or locations where hazardous substances are stored and handled. 
•    Adequate ventilation must be provided if internal combustion engines are to be operated inside buildings or structures.
•    Any such equipment should not be parked near exits. 
•    Hazardous materials shall only be used under the direct supervision of the authorities and/or professional, in its effect and potential hazards. 

Open flames

•    Fire department and government authorities will be present when use of open flames on set.
•    Flammables shall be kept at safe distance from open flames.
•    Any Stunt Personnel directly involved with interior fire sets shall wear protective fire equipment.
•    Fire extinguishers should be available at all times in all locations.


•    Guns should be treated as loaded weapons at all times.
•    Live ammunition should NEVER be used.
•    Any gun brought into the set should be registered with, and placed in the care of, the Handler.
•    Guns should be removed from Actors, extras or Stunts between takes whenever possible and kept in a safe place after used.
•    It should be the responsibility of only the Handler to load and unload weapons.
•    The crew and other personnel on set should be warned prior to any weapons being fired.

Water activities and underwater filming operations

•    All personnel working around water shall know how to swim and/or appropriate water safety devices shall be provided.
•    A performance that takes place under water must be carried out in compliance Rules and Regulation of PADI.
•    Each diver must be medically fit and competent, through training and experience.
•    Proof of PADI License is required otherwise attending a basic class on set by Ark Motions crew and licensed instructors.
•    No divers allowed to get on a plane until 24 hours has passed incase diving at depths exceeding 25 Meters and for a nonstop two hours.
•    Life jackets should be available at all times to crew and cast while on a vessel, wave runner or boat.

Sky Diving

•    Any production willing to film sky dive stunts must contact Ark Motions Management previous 36 hours in advance.
•    Ark Motions Management will contact the Royal Aero sports club to determine what type of endorsement or certification by the Parachutist it is required.
•    The Skydive Co-coordinator is responsible for the safety of the sky dive.
•    When sky diving is used in filming, parachutist should be holding a current and valid certification card issued by a nationally or internationally recognized organization.
•    All equipment, props, wardrobe, etc. shall be available to the Sky diving Co-coordinator prior to the sky dive for safety evaluation.

Animals on set

•    Whether to work with animals must be notified to all staff about possible allergies or phobias.  The Trainer or person supplying the animal(s) shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, applicable licenses and medical safeguards.
•    An accessible area shall be available for loading and unloading the animals.
•    Extreme caution should be taken when using exotic venomous reptiles.
•    When a live venomous reptile is to be used in close proximity to personnel, a medical personal must be available on the set.
•    Horses being used on a production shall be properly shod according to the working area.
•     No one shall ride horses or camels "off-camera" except for those designated by animal trainers.
•    In the case of filming any stunts, a meeting must be given by trainer and Stunt Co-coordinator to address the cast and crew.

Electricity safety

•    The Gaffer/Lighting Director is in charge of all temporary power distribution systems, and must be consulted prior to the use of electricity.
•    Under no circumstances should anyone, other than a trained technician, attempt to repair any electrical equipment.
•    Cables on steps must be taped down to avoid the risk of tripping.
•    Extra care should be taken not to walk on, or drive over electrical cables.


Make up can range from basic facial cosmetic to elaborate creations meant to give the body and/or face a radically different appearance, therefore:
•    Makeup artists must make sure that the applicators used are clean.
•    The sharing of sponges, puffs, brushes, sticks, wedges and other tools is not recommended.
•    If any cast members have a sensitive skin or allergies, must inform the Makeup artist to check the ingredients in the cosmetics before using them.
•    After the performance, all makeup should be removed from actor’s body, using non-toxic products.
•    Any far-reaching makeup requirement should be accurately discussed in advance.

Scaffolding and mobile elevating equipment

•    The location including foundation area, overhead dangers and public interference must be under the control of the production company.
•    All towers must be plumbed and leveled.
•    Any scaffold shall be designed by a professional engineer and erected according to the design specifications, and in coordination with Ark Motions engineers.
•    The Key Grip has to be consulted as to a safe number of people and equipment working on any type of elevating device.
•    Equipment being ferried up and down must be properly secured at all time.


•    Seat belt should be buckled up when actors perform stunts in a car, unless the script precludes it. Exceptional cases, e.g., vintage or custom made vehicles, it may not be feasible or practical to install seat belts.
•    Never interfere with the driver or obstruct his vision in any way, unless this is required by the script. 
•    Cars must be safety checked before and after by qualified mechanic every time it is used.
•    Close attention should be given to the safety of personnel working on Camera vehicles, especially when performing stunts or incase of bad weather.
•    All camera and kit must be independently secured.


•    No smoking within 50 feet of the helicopter.
•    Unless needed, all personnel should remain at least 60 feet away from the helicopter.
•    Extreme caution should be exercised when working around the helicopter – especially when the helicopter engine is running.
•    Always avoid rear and tail sections of the helicopter.
•    No person or animal should walk under tail sections of the helicopter.
•    Never, under any circumstances, throw anything such as grip tape, clothing, paper, etc., around the helicopter - whether it is running or not.
•    Protect eyes as well as equipment when the helicopter is landing and taking off.
•    When Camera persons are hanging out with the door off they should be wearing a seat belt, and safety harness.
•    Only persons and crew necessary for the purpose of filming will be in the area.


•    The Operator should hold a current, valid motorcycle license.
•    Protective equipment, such as a helmet, gloves and other clothing should be worn at all times.
•    Paramedics must be present at all rehearsals and performances during which planned, potentially hazardous motorcycle stunts are performed.

Hygienic safety on location

•    Ark Motions Hospitality Manager is responsible for ensuring the health and safety, food hygiene and environmental management systems are in place and maintained in accordance with legal requirements and good practice.
•    Adequate flush or chemical toilets with hand-washing facilities shall be available for use of the crew and cast with easy access of their place of work.
•    An enough supply of safe drinking water shall be kept accessible for everyone.
•    Cast and crew exposed to long hours in adverse exterior conditions (heat or cold stress) should be provided with appropriate items to combat such adverse conditions (i.e., temporary shelter, temporary heating devices, hot shots, hot drinks, blankets, adequate fluids, etc.)
•    Trash bins should be available by Ark Motions and must be cleared regularly.
•    Smoking allowed only in designated areas.

Child performers

•     Any child actor under the age of 12 to be away from home overnight must be accompanied by a parent at all times.
•    If a parent cannot accompany his or her child, the parent shall appoint in writing a chaperon who is at least 18 years of age to supervise and look after the child.
•    No child actor shall be required to perform any situation where there is a likelihood of the child's health or safety being endangered.
•    No child actor shall be required to work under Sun light in violation of the maximum time limits or minimum rest periods.

Accident Policy, Investigation & Reporting

•    Ark Motions apply accident investigation as a valuable tool in the prevention of future incidents. In the event of any accident resulting injury or damaged to equipment, Ark Motions Management or the person in charge by Ark Motions is responsible for recording a complete account of incidents.

Drugs and Alcohol

•    No Ark Motions employees or contractor should be under the influence of Alcohol or drugs on duty. In the event that any person is suspected as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

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