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About Us

In Ark Productions, we believe in making high impact creative ideas.  We transform words into images, to turn fantasy into reality, whether it is turning Amman into Baghdad, the desert landscape into a lunar landscape, or a highway into a runway. Any setting, any scene, we have the ability, the knowledge and the track record to make it happen.

•    Ark Productions provides a wide range of customized services, ranging from location scouts, production management, equipment, costume design, cast & crew, set construction, budgeting, still photography and any other aspect that would be required.

•    Beyond great talent, Ark Motions is built upon a strong vision, goals and an experienced foundation of all types of production services. We offer specialized expertise in feature films, documentary projects and any other media event.  We have the expertise, the keenness and apt track-record to achieve and deliver.

•    Ark Productions has strong ties with multinational film companies. We have worked closely on several projects with Bulldozer Films, Red Giant Movies,  Aljazeera TV, Wealth TV and Genuine pictures Inc., and provided location services for such high profile celebrities as Plácido Domingo, Sting, Andrea Griminelli, Mark Burnett and Italian actress Rossana Redondo.

•    Ark Productions crew has the extensive knowledge of the Jordanian culture and history, making it easier to communicate your scene settings and get the required result promptly. Experience embraces a lot of aspects including corporate/client hospitality and hosting notable public figures; some of whom the President of Singapore, Mayor Daley of Chicago and executives from international global brands such as Land Rover and British Airways.

•    Ark Productions provides you with all you need of travel and accommodation solutions, through its sister company Travel Club DMC in Jordan and the UAE.


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© 2012, All images and artworks are copyrighted by ARK Motions.